Welcome to the HyGlo Company

John Glodowski

Quality construction, innovative design and the constant pursuit for excellence has been the moto for John Glodowski and the HyGlo Company. Add John's love of the work and this winning combination comes full circle.

If you have a concept or a problem that needs a solution, bring it to the professionals at HyGlo to find the answers.

Cutting edge technology with creative ideas will provide winning results.

Plastic Products
While you read this, check out all the items around you that are made of plastic.  There are many types of plastic products.  We’ve built everything from tanks to retail displays to windows.  We’ve cut countless sheets of Plexiglas™ for framing.  New tops for lawn tables and the list goes on.  Some more of the ways that our customers use plastic are listed below:

  • Signs
  • Acrylic and PET-G Retail Displays
  • Marketing and Promotional Items  
  • Windows (with and without cutouts)
  • Artwork Frames
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Architectural Models  
  • Shelving
  • Table Tops 
  • Childproofing panels 
  • Kick and Scratch Plates 
  • Window-well covers 
  • Lighting Modification 
  • Lawn and Landscape Fixtures
  • Equipment Repairs  
  • Storm Doors
  • Porch and Deck Roofing  
  • Shower Partitions
  • Furniture Protection  
  • Boat and Vehicle Windows
  • Greenhouse Windows